Check out our academic year 21/22 VIRTUAL OFFERINGS!

thank you to our colleagues at bioforward wisconsin for their generous support of our biotechnology field trips program for academic years 20/21 and 21/22!

For future reference, below is a description of our typical in-person events (from 2019-2020):

Geared to middle, high school and college students and their teachers, Biotechnology Field Trips are designed as a 1.5 to 5 hour visit to the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Supported by instructors, a fully-equipped molecular biology laboratory and ample time,  students are able to immerse themselves in the concepts of biotechnology, and to apply those concepts by learning hands-on techniques.

Depending on which experiences you select, fees range from $6/student to $14/student per lab (see also: Cancellation Policy). Many of the field trips can also be taught in an On The Road format and brought to your school, or to any suitable classroom space.


Introductory field trips are designed for students of all levels who wish to engage both their hands and minds in a fun biotechnology activity!


Intermediate field trips are designed for students at a high school level or above who have had exposure to the concepts of molecular biology. Students that have had experience in the laboratory with micropipettes will be at a distinct advantage when they explore concepts that are fundamental to the way in which modern biotechnology works!


Advanced field trips are geared toward students that are advanced high school level or above. They utilize a more sophisticated set of molecular concepts and ask students to relate those concepts to the world around them. In order to ensure that your students benefit from these experiences, prior experience with PCR, DNA electrophoresis, and the use of micropipettes is highly recommended.

We had an absolutely outstanding time, and the balance of background information in the auditorium and lab time was perfect.”

- Sarah Wright, Eagle School science teacher