Immunology focuses on the scientific use of antibodies to detect proteins in the laboratory. Students purify antibodies from egg yolk and use them to detect E.coli and Salmonella antigen proteins on a membrane.

Key Topics:

  • Antibody structure and function
  • Protein isolation
  • Use of antibodies to detect protein shapes

This field trip is categorized as an Intermediate field trip, and is appropriate for students at a high school level or above who have had exposure to the concepts of molecular biology. Students that have had experience in the laboratory with micropipettes will be at a distinct advantage when they explore concepts that are fundamental to the way in which modern biotechnology works!

Length of Field Trip: 3 hours

Cost of Field Trip: $192 for up to 16 students; $12 for every additional student. We can also take this field trip On the Road to you.

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