SAVE THE DATES: MAY 15-16, 2025!

The Many Facets of Love: Understanding Consciousness and Connection [MAY 17-18, 2024]

This year’s conference dove into love’s many dimensions, utilizing concepts from neuroscience, indigenous perspectives, mindfulness, psychology and the arts. It offers keynotes, panels, and experiential sessions that aim to explore and celebrate love, nurturing a journey towards a conscious, connected, and compassionate society. How do we better understand something as nuanced as “love?”


Judson Brewer, M.D., Ph,D., Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center; Associate Professor in Behavioral and Social Sciences; School of Public Health and Psychiatry, Brown University, Providence, RI

Lourenço Bustani, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Board member and Investor, São Paulo, Brazil

Kari Gleiser, Ph.D., Senior Faculty, AEDP Institute, Hanover, NH

Marcelo Gleiser, Ph.D., Professor of Physics and Astronomy; Appleton Professorship of Natural Philosophy; Director, Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement; Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Adele Lafrance, Ph.D., C. Pysch., Clinical Psychologist, Research Scientist, Author, and co-developer of emotion-focused treatment modalities; Emotion Science, CO [virtual presentation]

Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Psychology, UC Riverside, Riverside, CA

Rachel Nuwer, M.S. (Ecology); M.A. (Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting), Freelance Journalist, Brooklyn, NY

Austin Serio, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Chicoran Shakori, ShockTalk, New York, NY

Spring Washam, Author, Teacher, Healer, and Podcaster, Oakland, CA

Andreas Weber, Ph.D., Biologist, Philosopher and Writer, Berlin, Germany

held: may 17-28, 2024


NOTE: The above video link also provides access to the talks and panel discussions for 2010-2024.


IMMERSION Artists and Musicians

East Forest, Electro-acoustic Musician: Live performance and prescreening for forthcoming feature length documentary “Music For Mushrooms”

Sheila Darcey, Visionary Artist and Author, Venice Beach, CA

Becca McKnight, Manager, Emotional and Social Intelligence Program, Promega Corporation


Bill Linton, President & CEO, Promega Corporation; President, BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute; Co-Founder & Executive Director, Usona Institute, Madison, WI

Penny Patterson, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Promega Corporation, Madison, WI

Tura Patterson, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Usona Institute, Madison, WI

Steve Paulson, Executive Producer, To The Best Of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio and PRX, Madison WI

background information

Coordinated by the BTC Institute, Promega Corporation and Usona Institute, the International Forum on Consciousness offers a lively two days of information-sharing and discussion regarding important – and often challenging – topics. Launched in 2010, the Forum has focused on exploring dimensions of consciousness.

This has involved looking into various realms, pushing the envelope at times, while remaining centered on engaging our audience and our speakers. We have been guided through a range of topics, including creativity, near death, entheogens, intelligence in nature, business evolution, the effects of sensory inputs and ways of detecting and measuring consciousness. Nature, Earth and Humanity: The Evolution of Connection continues this journey.

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