Offered in partnership with the Dane County School Consortium, this is a for-credit course designed for high school juniors and seniors that typically meets at the BTC Institute on Tuesday evenings during Fall Semester.  For Academic Year 22/23, it will be offered in-person Spring Semester, 2023.

Biotech in the World of Medicine class Flyer


Josh Fassl, Director, Dane County School Consortium
Amy Prevost, Director, Scientific Courses, BTC Institute

BTC Institute instructors

Amy Prevost, Ph.D., Director, Scientific Courses
Aidan Holmes, B.S., Biotechnology Instructor

for more information, please contact:

Josh Fassl, Amy Prevost, or your School-to-Work Coordinator.


Educational research currently highlights the value of contextualization of scientific and mathematical theory and principles. This course offers students an opportunity to explore ways in which basic biology can be used for biotechnological applications that impact the world of human health. The Gates Foundation “Grand Challenges in Global Health” serves as a framework for approaching to an understanding of problems in human health that impact people all over the world.

The course curriculum consists of laboratory activities, discussion and lectures, guest presentations, and demonstrations. Students learn about:

  • DNA Isolation, Purification and Analysis
  • RNA Isolation and Analysis
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Epigenetic Studies
  • Protein Expression and Analysis
  • Reporter Gene Assays
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Immunology and Vaccines
  • Cell Culturing Basics
  • Genetic Transformation

In addition to learning about these topics, techniques and technologies, students are challenged to understand how they are related to barriers and breakthroughs in global health. As a final project, students present research from one of the Grand Challenges topics as a way to showcase their learning, reflect on the semester’s work and inform the other students in the class.