This course will be offered on-line.

This course will be offered on-line July 13-17, 2020. As part of an effort to continue to offer high quality training to graduate students and professionals, we will implement this course via UW-Madison’s Black Board Collaborate platform. Students will attend lectures in a synchronous and asynchronous format as well as follow along with lab demonstrations. If students are able to use their own laboratory space, they will receive reagents and supplies from the BTC Institute to allow them to conduct some of the experiments on their own.

Student learning will be assessed using quizzes, discussion, and data analysis. Instructors will be available to answer questions and to take part in discussions.

The course schedule, as well as anticipated format, is available by contacting Amy Prevost (

Offered with generous support from Promega Corporation

BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute
Neuroscience Training Program, UW-Madison
Research & Development and Technical Support Services, Promega Corporation

  • UW-Madison students and special students admitted to the course and wishing to receive 2 credits will enroll through the University registration system and will remit tuition fees directly to the University.
  • For students who do not wish to receive university credits, a special rate of $1600 is offered. (Documentation of current enrollment in an academic institution is required for confirmation of this special rate.)
  • For company employees, faculty and all others, the fee is $1800.
  • Eligibility: Graduate students, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry employees, secondary and post-secondary teachers, with a B.S. in either biology or chemistry and a minimum of one advanced course in molecular biology. Course enrollment is limited to 20 participants.
  • Application:  Submit a registration form.
    If you wish to receive graduate credit through UW-Madison
    , please be sure to use the comment section included in this form to detail your prior experiences using molecular biology and your learning goals for the week, as instructed on the form.

    If you do not wish to receive graduate credit through UW-Madison
    , please also share that information with us. Your enrollment in the course will be verified upon receipt of payment. Payment options are included in the registration form.
  • NOTE: UW-Madison Graduate Students wishing to receive credit: Please submit your registration form before May 15, 2020. We will review this document and let you know of your acceptance to the course.
  • Dr. Richard Burgess (Professor, Department of Oncology, UW-Madison)
  • Amy Prevost, Ph.D. (Director, Scientific Courses, BTC Institute)

Topics covered during this week include: nucleic acid isolation from tissues and/or cells, amplification via PCR and qPCR, molecular cloning – from amplification to checking orientation of the insert, plasmid purification, basics of Western blot, ICC and ELISA, purification of mammalian proteins using tags. Talks will include protein characterization, epigenetics, and approaches to studying miRNAs, among others.