INSTRUCTOR: Amy Prevost, Ph.D., Education Director

SCHEDULE: Training will consist of one full day (9:00am – 3:00pm) of training combining discussion and lecture with hands-on experience. Please see our recommendations for preparation.


CONTENT: This practical course is for non-scientists who are interested in gaining an understanding of the chemistry and relationship between DNA, RNA, and proteins; molecular biology-based concepts and techniques that drive the biotechnology industry. Leave knowing more about what these molecules are, how they are related to one another, and how they are used by the cell as well as why it’s important to be able to study them.   In the laboratory, we will perform genetic transformation using a reporter gene as well as express the reporter gene in vitro to augment and solidify the knowledge gained in lectures and discussions. Specific objectives may vary depending on the individual or group’s interests. These sessions may also be structured to be at an intermediate or advanced level.

Nucleic Acid Isolation DNA and RNA isolation from cells
Nucleic Acid Analysis Determine the quality and quantity of isolated DNA and RNA
Gene Expression Use luciferase DNA to make luciferase protein
Genetic Tranformation Express luciferase in bacterial cells