If you are not very familiar with molecular biology, you will want to do some advance preparation for the course. We will be covering a lot in our one-day intensive. We will start with an overview of the cell and then move quickly into an introduction of DNA, RNA and Protein. We do not expect that you will be an expert in the field of molecular biology when you leave, but you should take with you an understanding of the following:

  • What is DNA? Where is it contained within the cell? How does the cell use DNA?
  • What is RNA? There are 3 main types of RNA – what are the types? When do they come into play in the processes of molecular biology?
  • What is a protein? What is a protein made of? How are proteins useful in the cell?

These suggested resources will provide you with a scaffold to which you can connect the new knowledge you will gain during the workshop.

On-line resources will be the most economical way of preparing for the workshop. Here are two excellent and comprehensive Cellular and Molecular Biology websites:

  • http://www.cellbio.com/ – This link includes additional links to glossaries and research in the area of cellular and molecular biology.
  • www.dnalc.org – The Dolan DNA Learning Center has many fun and interactive activities for learning about techniques in molecular biology.

For a text book, Molecular Biology of the Cell is an excellent resource.

Past participants have also recommended Biotechnology Unzipped, available from The National Academies Press.