INSTRUCTOR: Amy Prevost, Ph.D., Education Director

SCHEDULE: Training will consist of one full day (9:00am – 3:00pm) of training combining discussion and lecture with hands-on experience.



CONTENT: This practical course is for non-scientists who are interested in gaining an understanding of molecular biology-based concepts and techniques that drive the biotechnology industry. Hands-on exploration solidifies and augments knowledge gained in lecture and discussion. Specific objectives may vary depending on individual or group interest. These sessions may also be structured to be at an intermediate or advanced level.

Understanding the genetic basis
for disease
Amplify genes associated with the
Philadelphia chromosome
Exposure to antigen and antibody
Test antibodies in the lab to
try to detect antigen
Epigenetics Use restriction enzymes to
identify tags on DNA that impact
how genes are used
Future directions in human health Talk about what’s in our future for
disease detection and treatment