All of our Introductory and Intermediate Biotechnology Field Trips are offered in an On the Road format.  We bring all of the tools and reagents, safety gear and supplies to your school!

Additional Costs:

  • All minimum and per-student costs are increased by $2 per student for Introductory Field Trips, and $3 per student for Intermediate Field Trips.
  • $0.545 per mile will be charged for instructor travel.
  • If an overnight stay is required for the instructor(s), hotel costs will be added


on the road Costs:

Introductory Field Trips:

  • Genetic Transformation & Bioluminescence: $8 per student; $128 minimum, plus mileage
  • Principles of DNA & Electrophoresis: $9 per student; $144 minimum, plus mileage

Intermediate Field Trips: $12 per student; $192 minimum, plus mileage

  • Restriction Enzyme Digest & Gel Electrophoresis
  • Immunology
  • PCR for Genetic Detection