To be home-delivered Thursday or Friday the week of June 22nd, each mission pack contains all of the materials you will need to complete these activities:

  • Artemis Activity Book
  • Build a Satellite
  • UV Radiation Shield

Activity description and submission details are included with each activity (and also indicated below).  We look forward to seeing your work!

Artemis Activity Book



Materials: Internet; printer; Activity Book; colored pencils
Activity Description: You are encouraged to complete every activity in this book, but we understand some are more challenging than others. Work through this activity on your own, though you can work with others if you get stuck. (Ideal printer settings for the booklet is: Print both sides, flip on short edge, 2 pages per sheet. Once printed, fold in half and staple in the middle.)
Submission details: Email or text a photo of your favorite TWO activity pages to Ms. Holmes.

BUILD a satellite



Materials: A wide variety of materials that vary in size, shape and color – examples include but are not limited to: small cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, chopsticks, plastic containers/lids, buttons, pompoms; tape or glue; internet; printer (optional)
Activity Description: Create a model of a satellite that will explore the Moon or Mars following these guidelines. Once completed, answer this activity worksheet. A video overview of this activity is available here.
Submission details: Email or text a photo of your satellite AND the activity worksheet answers to Ms. Holmes.

uv radiation shield


Materials: Internet; printer; a sunny day; 20 UV beads; the following materials are provided in the mission pack to go along with the worksheet. If you are doing this activity without a mission pack, you are welcome to use other materials you have around the house: 2 zip close plastic bags, 2 paper cups, 2 clear plastic cups, 2 colored plastic cups, 2 rubber bands or tape (optional), 2 Styrofoam cups, 1 piece of cotton fabric, 1 square of colored cellophane, 1 square of aluminum fabric, 1 paper envelope, 1 paper bag, 3 pipe cleaners (optional to make a bracelet or window art with the UV beads after activity).
Activity Description: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can hard your skin and cause skin damage or cancer. On Earth, the atmosphere provides us some protection from UV radiation. When astronauts travel to space, they will no longer have that protection. In this activity, you will test different materials using this worksheet to see if they are a good UV radiation shield using the sun and UV sensitive beads.
Submission details: Email or text activity worksheet answers (both pages) to Ms. Holmes.

submission details:

Please  share your student’s work via e-mail with Aidan Holmes. (If you have questions, she will work with you to determine the easiest way for you to do so.)