How might we keep sharing our love of science with upper elementary and middle school students?  We decided that one way to do that is to cull resources for parents/caregivers and feature ones we think make for great experiences for children in these age groups. Interested in our criteria and/or our tips for facilitating great experiences?  > DETAILS <

Science-At-Home Activities
Covid-19 related activities

Covid-19 Activity Book

Time Capsule

Recommended by Michele Arduengo from Promega Corporation, this activity helps us reflect and document our experiences during this time.

Time Capsule

Greetings in the Time of COVID-19

Greetings activity

Learn about different greetings around the world and how they impact the spread of viruses like the coronavirus. Can you think of your own unique way to greet someone from six feet away?


Sizes of Life

Size and scale activity

Explore the size and scale of microscopic biology. check out after for a great visualization!

Size and scale

Wash off the Glitter

Handwashing Activity

Glitter gets everywhere - and so do germs! This simple activity helps illustrate the importance of handwashing.

More coming soon
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