Short Tandem Repeats (STR) & Genetic Identity teaches in detail how DNA identification is really done by forensic and paternity laboratories. Students participating in this field trip will set up PCR reactions to amplify short tandem repeat (STR) regions of DNA. Students will then use gel electrophoresis to separate the resultant amplified DNA fragments, and will learn how those results are used to determine a person’s genetic identity.

Key Topics:

  • PCR Amplification of Short Tandem Repeat DNA Regions
  • Analysis of STR Data to Determine Human Genetic Identity

This field trip is categorized as an Advanced field trip, and is geared toward students that are advanced high school level or above. This Field Trip utilizes a more sophisticated set of molecular concepts and asks students to relate those concepts to the world around them. In order to guarantee that your students benefit from these experiences, prior experience with PCR, DNA electrophoresis, and the use of micropipettes is highly recommended.

Length of Field Trip: 4 to 5 hours

Cost of Field Trip: $224 for up to 16 students; $14 for every additional student

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