April Teacher Meet Was Great // Peter's Blog // April 23rd, 2021

On Thursday, April 15th, we had our first Biotechnology Teacher Meet . . . and it was fantastic!

That evening, nine teachers from across Wisconsin gathered online and shared our experiences with teaching Biotechnology in a virtual environment. We shared our frustrations. We shared strategies. We shared our successes. We also shared which topics are confusing to our students (and to us). It was wonderful to be able to share ideas as Biotechnology teachers and to reflect on our teaching.

NOTE: We’re facilitating further sharing of curriculum discussion from our Teacher Meet format via Google Docs: Biotechnology Teaching Online: Resources – feel free to check it out!
(Needless to say, many of these ideas can be used for in-person courses as well.)

At the end of our time together that evening, we decided that we wanted to meet again – this time with a bit more of a focus on a specific topic. On Tuesday, May 18th at 7pm, we will be discussing CRISPR. We will review how it works, but we will also share strategies for how to cover this amazing yet difficult concept with our students. I am looking forward to this opportunity to gather once again and learn from each other. If you are interested in learning more or joining us for a great evening of sharing, please contact me at pjk@oregonsd.net.

For my May blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts re: what I want to keep from this past year and what I am looking forward to returning to as I consider next fall. I’d be interested in hearing the same from you and adding them to my final blog for this school year. Thanks – and thanks for following me as I wandered through 20/21!