In partnership with many other community organizations, the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC Institute) provides educational opportunities that support scientific understanding, contributing to the continued success of the biotechnology industry.

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Youth Programs


for Students:
A Celebration of Life: Space Rocks!
Biotechnology Field Trips
Biotechnology in the World of Medicine
Camp Biotech I + II
Youth Apprenticeship Program

for Teachers:
Courses + Workshops
Equipment Loan Program
Resources for Biotechnology Education

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Scientific Courses


Half-day and full-day workshops for non-scientists to gain a better understanding of molecular biology basics that drive the industry

Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced Courses for college students, post-doctoral researchers, academic faculty & staff and industry scientists

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Events & Symposia


2018 WI Stem Cell Symposium

2018 WI Human Proteomics Symposium

2018 International Forum on Consciousness

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BTC Institute scenes

This is such a gift to teachers! It was nice to be treated as a professional. I love how the course is so practical. Many courses are only in theory and no application. I can take so many useful ideas with me. ”

- Sherry - 2017 teacher course participant