program update: we are offering several in-person courses this summer: 3 UW-madison scientific GRADUATE COURSES and one session of “BIOTECHNOLOGY: THE BASICS” for middle/high school teachers.

For the upcoming 2021-22 school year, we will continue to offer our VIRTUAL BIOTECHNOLOGY FIELD TRIPS
We continue to assess the possibility of offering in-person programs – please stay tuned!

thank you to our colleagues at bioforward wisconsin for their generous support of our biotechnology field trips program for academic years 20/21 and 21/22!

We have an educational opportunity just for you.

In partnership with many other organizations, the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC Institute) provides educational opportunities that support scientific understanding, contributing to the success of the biotechnology industry.

Youth Programs


for Students:
NEW - Virtual Biotechnology Field Trips
A Celebration of Life
Biotechnology Field Trips
Biotechnology in the World of Medicine
Camp Biotech I + II
Youth Apprenticeship Program

for Teachers:
Courses + Workshops
Equipment Loan Program
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Resources for Biotechnology Education

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Scientific Courses


Half-day and full-day workshops for non-scientists to gain a better understanding of molecular biology basics that drive the industry

Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced Courses for college students, post-doctoral researchers, academic faculty & staff and industry scientists

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Events & Symposia


2021 Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium

2021 International Forum on Consciousness

2022 WI Human Proteomics Symposium

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