In partnership with many other community organizations, the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC Institute) provides educational opportunities that support scientific understanding, contributing to the continued success of the biotechnology industry.

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Youth Programs


for Students:
A Celebration of Life: Space Rocks!
Biotechnology Field Trips
Biotechnology in the World of Medicine
Camp Biotech I + II
Youth Apprenticeship Program

for Teachers:
Courses + Workshops
Equipment Loan Program
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Scientific Courses


Half-day and full-day workshops for non-scientists to gain a better understanding of molecular biology basics that drive the industry

Introductory, Intermediate & Advanced Courses for college students, post-doctoral researchers, academic faculty & staff and industry scientists

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Events & Symposia


2019 Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium

2019 International Forum on Consciousness

2018 WI Human Proteomics Symposium (archive)

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InnovATE BIO National Biotechnology Education Center partnership - funded by the National Science Foundation

From Madison College’s press release:

“The Center will consolidate several biotech education projects into a national network to share best practices and expand research opportunities for students at two-year institutions and in secondary schools nationwide. Madison College will serve as the National Hub for Emerging Technologies in the Biosciences and focus on public-private partnerships to advance the skilled technical workforce.”

The BTC Institute is thrilled to be particpating in this partnership: “We are eager to contribute our expertise and resources for new programs that will link to further training in bioprocessing, manufacturing and quality control at Madison College,” said Karin Borgh, Ph.D., executive director BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute, Fitchburg.

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The summer workshop was awesome and workshops like that will definitely help teachers implement new technologies in classroom learning. If we could borrow materials every year that would be great. We would love for any scientist working in biotechnology to Skype my students once a year after the implementation of technology in DNA separation etc in my classroom. This way the students can have more insight into future careers in that field and also have their questions answered. ”

- 2018 teacher course participant


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