academic year 20/21: virtual biotechnology field trips

Geared to middle, high school and college students and their teachers, Virtual Biotechnology Field Trips are designed as a ~1 hour Google Meet sessions. Supported by instructors, students are able to immerse themselves in the concepts of biotechnology. The standard format will include some combination of background information, lab demonstrations, live discussion, and extension activities. We typically host field trips from 9am-4pm T-Th, but are willing to discuss options depending on the needs of your class.

current offerings

Components that can be included to customize your virtual field trips are listed below. Each component would take ~15 minutes and we will add resources (often drawn from content provided for our prior year in-person programs) for each component to this site as they are finalized. Please complete our Plan Your Field Trip form to let us know what works for you and your students!

Bioluminescence/genetic transformation

  • Introduction/discussion about what bioluminescence is and how it is used
  • Paper activity on genetic transformation basics
  • Virtual activity on genetic transformation basics
  • Virtual laboratory demonstration of a genetic transformation
  • Bioluminescence careers / discussion


  • Immunology background
  • Virtual demonstration of antibody (protein) isolation
  • Virtual demonstration of protein detection with antibodies
  • Troubleshooting Immunology results
  • Virology videos

Restriction Enzyme (RE) Digestion

  • RE background and discovery
  • Paper activity of RE digestion connected to our lab results
  • Virtual laboratory demonstration and explanation of reagents
  • Troubleshooting RE digestion results
  • Real life applications of RE

Regardless of which experience you select, the fee will be $80/session for 24 students or less, unrecorded (see also: Cancellation Policy).  Again, please complete our Plan Your Field Trip form to let us know what works for you and your students – thanks!

please note:

In addition to our Virtual Biotechnology Field Trips, we are still offering laboratory background information (see BFT offerings), equipment loan program, 3-part COVID-19 series, and short laboratory demonstration videos (coming soon).

for additional information Please contact Barbara Bielec, our K-12 Programs Director.