Bioluminescence II: Serial Dilution with Luciferase engages students one step further into the bioluminescence technology introduced in the Genetic Transformation & Bioluminescence field trip.  Students will perform a serial dilution of luciferase, then add its substrate using a multichannel pipette.  They will measure the resulting light with a plate reader and analyze the results.  Additional applications of bioluminescence will be discussed.

Key Topics:

  • Bioluminescence Applications
  • Serial Dilutions & Standard Curves
  • Proteins & Enzymes

This field trip is categorized as an Intermediate field trip, and is appropriate for students at a high school level or above who have had exposure to the concepts of molecular biology. Students that have had experience in the laboratory with micropipettes will be at a distinct advantage when they explore concepts that are fundamental to the way in which modern biotechnology works!

Length of Field Trip: 1.5 to 2 hours

Cost of Field Trip: $128 for up to 16 students; $8 for every additional student

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