Promega-Hannam BTCI Partnership // Partnerships // November 14th, 2017

Recent Activities

(1) In summers 2015 and 2016, Hannam University students joined us for our Core Techniques in Protein and Genetic Engineering course, also touring the Promega camous and enjoying the Madison area:

(2) Exciting Times for Biotechnology at Promega-Hannam BTCI – blog for Promega connections, October 2, 2015.

(3) Bill Linton, Promega’s President & CEO and President of the BTC Institute’s Board of Directors, attended the 10th Anniversary Celebration of PH-BTCI on June 2, 2015 and gave the keynote address at the Hannam Bio-Symposia held that day.

(4) Karin Borgh, the BTC Institute’s Executive Director, visited Hannam University in November, 2014. With Dr. JinA Lim and our long-time collaborator Dr. Insoo Lee (Professor), she met with key university decision-makers, including Drs. Hyungtae Kim (President), Seung Ho Lee (Dean, Office of Global Relations), and In-Ha Sung (Director, Industry-Academia Cooperation Foundation). In short, all indicated strong support for our partnership and for further exploration of ways to grow it, as well as for the continued development of programs offered by PH-BTCI.

Background Information

BTCI is serving as the model for a program at Hannam University in Daejeon, Korea.  On March 17, 2005, the Daeduk region (including Daejeon) dedicated its new BioVentureTown facility, declaring itself the “Biotechnopolis” of Korea.  Immediately following this program, over two hundred guests joined Hannam University in celebrating the opening of its second campus, to be known as: Promega-Hannam BTCI (PH-BTCI).

Dr. Karin Borgh, the BTC Institute’s Executive Director, joined this celebration, adding words of congratulation and noting how exciting it was to partner with Hannam University to develop BTC Institute programs in Korea.  Dr. Borgh also visited Hannam in October of 2006 and October of 2010.

In May of 2010, Karin and the BTC Institute welcomed delegates from Hannam University. We were pleased to host Dr. Hyungtae Kim, President; Dr. Young Sung Suh, Dean of Global Relations; and Mr. Wonbae Kim, Director of the Center for International Relations during their visit to the Promega campus.

After completing her Ph.D. and becoming the director of PH-BTCI, Ji Yeon Oh spent 2 weeks at the BTC Institute in July of 2011 with a goal of directly experiencing our educational programs. She participated in “Core Techniques in Protein and Genetic Engineering”, a graduate level Advanced Scientific Course offered for 2 credits in partnership with UW-Madison. She also took “Biotechnology: Beyond the Basics”, a course designed for high school teachers which is also offered for graduate education credits through Viterbo University and Edgewood College.

In March, 2012, Dr. JinA Lim became the director of PH-BTCI. Activities included offering a biotechnology class on Saturday for elementary, middle and high school students during the school year and planning a summer program related to the nature of scientific investigation for summer vacation in partnership with the Korea Basic Science Institute. Dr. Lim and her team launched a new website (in Korean).