International Forum on Consciousness - May 5-6, 2016

Awakened Consciousness and the Evolution of Business

HELD: May 5-6, 2016

BioPharmaceutical Technology Center
5445 East Cheryl Parkway
Fitchburg/Madison, WI 53711


Coordinated by Promega Corporation and the BTC Institute, the International Consciousness Forum offered a lively two days of information-sharing and discussion regarding important - and often challenging - topics related to the exploration of consciousness.

Business organizations are potentially significant levers for change in the 21st century. Affecting many facets of our lives, from the time we spend in our workplaces to the global influence of multinational corporations, business practices matter.

This year, a diverse group of presenters considered how the drive for economic success is being matched by an equally passionate commitment to actualize humanistic, culturally and environmentally sustainable values. The ultimate goal: enrichment of employees, communities and the health of our planet.

Awakened Consciousness and the Evolution of Business was an invitation to envision businesses of the 21st century. Key questions addressed include:

  • How have business practices historically shaped society?
  • What does it mean to awaken to the potential for workplace and broader business practices to transform our view of self, others and society -- to focus on purpose and meaning through the work we do?
  • What work-based opportunities for personal and professional development contribute most effectively to this shift?
  • How does the self-actualized business become a model and advocate for change?


Chip Conley, President & Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy, Airbnb, San Francisco, CA

Martin Kalungu-Banda, Consultant, Facilitator,Trainer, Coach and Author; Faculty: Presencing Institute, HSBC Next Generation Development, HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference for Leaders, and Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Banbury, United Kingdom.

William Linton, President & CEO, Promega Corporation, Madison, WI (Moderator)

Mike Mears, Leadership Speaker, Consultant and Author, Mears Consulting, Vienna, VA

Betsy Myers, Speaker, Author, Public Servant, Mentor, Advocate; Founding Director, Center for Women & Business, Bentley University, Waltham, MA.

Steve Paulson, Executive Producer, To The Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio and Public Radio International, Madison, WI (Panel Moderator)

John Roulac, Founder & CEO, Nutiva Corporation, Richmond, CA

Raj Sisodia, Ph.D., FW Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Whole Foods Market Research Scholar in Conscious Capitalism, Babson College; Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc., Wellesley, MA

Malynn Utzinger, M.D., Director, Integrative Practices, Promega Corporation, Madison, WI

Tim Weitzel, Ph.D., Leadership Development, Assessment, Coaching and Organization Development, Tim Weitzel & Associates, Kensington, CA.


Steve Paulson's conversation with Chip Conley for TTBOOK: "A Hotel Built on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" and the TTBOOK hourlong show "Rethinking Work."


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