HELD: May 7-8, 2015

BioPharmaceutical Technology Center
5445 East Cheryl Parkway
Fitchburg/Madison, WI 53711


Coordinated by Promega Corporation and the BTC Institute, the International Consciousness Forum offered a lively two days of information-sharing and discussion regarding important - and often challenging - topics related to the exploration of consciousness. As always, the Forum brought together a wonderful group of presenters. Representative of diverse disciplines, they shared their life experiences and perspectives, this year as related to Conscious Evolution: The Awakening.


  • In a world of tangible atoms, molecules, stars and galaxies, the existence of consciousness is rightly regarded as an outstanding mystery. Indeed, consciousness is the very ground of our being—and yet it cannot be weighed and measured in the conventional sense.
  • Consciousness is also the means by which the universe awakens to its own majesty. Through consciousness, the web of life can know and understand itself and can even begin to guide its own future form.
  • From all corners of the globe, voices of wisdom and action call for us to shift our consciousness up a notch — to build on the lessons of past and present, and to grow further into new systems, new ways of being which may better allow us to foster a long-term, sustainable relationship with the biosphere and the ever-evolving cosmos.
  • How might we consciously participate in the smallest steps and the largest leaps?

Join the explorers, co-creators and builders of the next stages of our human being.


Adele Getty, Author of Goddess: Mother of Living Nature, and A Sense of the Sacred: Finding Our Spiritual Lives Through Ceremony, Sonoma County, CA

Joy Hirsch, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobiology & Member, Integrated Neuroscience Program, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

William Linton, President & CEO, Promega Corporation, Madison, WI (Moderator)

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Futurist, Author and Public Speaker, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara, CA

Vanja Palmers, Zen Priest, Switzerland

Steve Paulson, Executive Producer, To The Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio and Public Radio International, Madison, WI (Panel Moderator)

Charles Raison, M.D., Mike and Mary Sue Shannon Professor of Mind, Body, and Family-Wellbeing, School of Human Ecology; Professor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

Peter Russell, M.A., D.C.S., Fellow, Institute of Noetic Sciences, World Business Academy and Findhorn Foundation, Sausalito, CA

Brother David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B., Benedictine Monk, A Network for Grateful Living, Austria

David Whyte, Poet, Author, Lecturer, Whidbey Island, WA



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