Dr. Shultz earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1981 and went on to a post-doc at FCRC, where he studied protein translocation in E. Coli. He then went on to Miles Laboratories, where he worked on recombinant protein expression, protein folding, and enzymology. Following Miles Laboratories, he spent 30 years at Promega Corporation developing a wide range of products, including assays for understanding drug-metabolizing enzymes and reactive oxygen species, detecting genetic mutations, measuring small amounts of human DNA in environmental samples, as well as RNAsins and proteases.

Dr. Shultz holds many U.S. and foreign patents and is the author of many scientific papers, both in peer-reviewed journals and in Promega’s trade journal PromegaNotes.

Dr. Shultz has served as a mentor for many high school and college students throughout his career and is currently serving as a mentor and scientific advisor through the BTC Institute.