Isabel Cristina Bezerra Agasie was born in Brazil. She received her BSc in Agricultural Engineering and her MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology in Brazil. She obtained a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology at UW-Madison and then worked for 12 years at EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation) Vegetables, in Brasília.

Isabel’s experience in science teaching started during her MSc studies in Brazil at EMBRAPA Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (Brasília, Brazil). She has taught, mentored and supervised both undergraduate and graduate students throughout her professional career, as well as other professional staff. She worked with an outreach team to support field trips to middle and high school kids at a rural station and co-organized and taught in international courses. She relocated to the United States and worked in elementary and high school classrooms as a volunteer and tutor, serving a broad range of students.

After her return to the US, Isabel worked in a biotechnology company in Madison. Realizing how much she enjoys training, mentoring and teaching science, she joined the BTC Institute in September 2017 as Biotechnology Instructor and is currently supporting the BTC Institute’s K-12 programs.

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