Statement of Purpose

The BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC Institute) is a not-for-profit organization operated exclusively for educational, scientific and cultural purposes. The BTC Institute exists:

  • To foster excellence in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing and encourage development of biotechnology in general by coordinating and facilitating conferences, seminars, classes and training programs in techniques of molecular biology and biotechnology manufacturing;
  • To promote the exchange of scientific, educational and cultural information between industry, educators and the general public by providing facilities and resources to support conferences, seminars, classes, and electronic distribution of programs;
  • To advance the economic well-being of the community and the nation through support for the development of high technology industries;
  • To facilitate and coordinate programs for children and young adults as related to science, technology, nature discovery and the arts, in recognition of the importance of educating the work force of tomorrow;
  • To encourage greater understanding of the creative process and to develop techniques which enhance human capabilities, thereby contributing to increased knowledge regarding the development of scientific and technical information so necessary to the state, nation and the international community;
  • To support community organizations offering educational and cultural programs, in affirmation of the benefits of lifelong learning and participation in community life.

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For More Information

Please Contact:

Dr. Karin Borgh, Executive Director
5445 East Cheryl Parkway
Madison, Wisconsin, USA 53711
608-277-2508; FAX:608-273-6992
E-mail: karin.borgh@btci.org