Psychedelic therapy in society: Exploring the mechanisms of action and delivery of care

Day 1 – May 16, 2019

  • Medicine Wheel and “Praises” Open Celebration – Art Shegonee and Bill Miller
  • Psychedelics: Therapeutic Mechanisms – Robin Carhart-Harris
  • Use of Behavioral Models to Investigate the Mechanism of Action of Psychedelic Drugs – Adam Halberstadt
  • Profiling Psychedelics at the Serotonin Receptors – John McCorvy 
  • Biological Effects of Psychedelics in Human Neural Cells and Brain Organoids – Stevens Rehen 
  • Panel Discussion –
    A. Halberstadt, R. Carhart-Harris, J. McCorvy & S. Rehen; Moderator: Steve Paulson

  • Human Intelligence 2.0 and Mind Medicine Australia – A Collective Future? – Tania de Jong

Day 2 – May 17, 2019

  • Delivering Psychedelics to Society: Context and Questions – Craig Vercruysse
  • Delivering Psychedelic Therapy Within and For Community – Bennet Zelner 
  • Is There a Way to Revolutionize Mental Health Without Increasing Disparities? – Heidi Allen
  • Light & Shadow: Opportunities and Perils in the Clinical Practice of Psychedelic Medicine – Will Siu
  • Psychedelics in Mainstream Medicine: How Do We Get There? – Jack Henningfield
  • Panel Discussion –
    H. Allen, J. Henningfield, W. Siu, C. Vercruysse & B. Zelner; Moderator: Steve Paulson
  • Closing Music – Bill Miller